Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Greetings!

A happy Valentine's Day to all!

 Tiny quilt and A-line dresses by Care, sweaters by Suedehead, yoked dresses by me.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Miniautres Monday--Little Table at Last!

It looks like there has been a small furniture convergence!

 As it often goes with the Yard Sale Gods:  just as I mentioned my longing for a little table for the play area, daughter Ib found this delightful little chair and table set at her local thrift store--just perfect for small people!

I'm happy to say that the little chairs from my previous find also fit perfectly at the table--seating for four. 

To the Yard Sale Gods:  many thanks!  And please be advised that all available space for little furniture is now full!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Miniatures Monday--the Little Rocking Chair

My mom and I shared a love for small things--and we also shared a love for this little chair from her childhood!

This little rocker (shown here with the little cabinet my dad made for me when I was five) was always around as I grew up. 

I learned later that my grandfather had it made for Mom when she was a little girl, in about 1930, by a local carpenter who used the wood from shipping crates and containers to make useful objects. I love its apparent Arts and Crafts roots!  Mom also pieced its current seat cover--the chair has had a few coats of paint as well as layers of upholstery!

The little chair is still sturdy and strong, and is being enjoyed by my own grandchildren. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Miniatures Monday--the Little Mohair Girls

   An e-friend gave Care and me some mohair scraps, so naturally some of the Tiny Ones made a trip to the beauty salon for new coiffures!
Please meet  Antoinette, Blush, Dorothy,  Mallow,  Molly,  Octavia, Storm, Taylor, Tippin, Topenga, Vivian, and Zara, (who is a fabulous custom reroot by Leeloominai and joined the girls at the party).
It's been fun working out a technique for new little wigs--I have to admit that the hardest part has been cutting off their hair and pulling out its roots!  It seems too cruel. But it WAS fun trying all the little wigs on the bald girls to see whose hair they were.

Wardrobe consultation, photos, and clothes are by Care, and Storm and Zara's amazing custom tans and sweater by by Suedehead.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bed for the Twin Kittens

My Twin Kittens projects has morphed and expanded--the little kitties seemed to need a cozy place to nap!

Since this is still a scrap project, I poked around the house to find a base to work with and came up with a square plastic ice cream bucket.  I cut it off 2-2/14 inches from the bottom with my Xacto blade, and had my frame.

This cute floral stripe print came from my Mom's stash and goes well with the kitties' dresses--the fabric for the sheet and pillowcase is a fat quarter that was left over from a bundle.  I measured the top of the base and cut a strip of fabric that length (plus seam allowance), wide enough to extend down inside the base.

I cut the ruffle about 1-1/2 times the length of the first strip, and  2-1/4 wide after hemming--the same measurement as the height of the base, so it will just cover the outside--then ruffled it onto the shorter strip and sewed the two ends together, making a circle.  The seam allowance of the ruffle is hot-glued to the upper outside edge of the base, then the flat strip is hot-glued down the inside.

I cut three layers of leftover glazed quilt batting the size of the base to make the mattress, and covered them with my fat quarter fabric.  I did cover the entire thing like a cushion, but it occurs to me the fabric could just be hot-glued around the mattress, since it's glued in place anyway! 

 The little pillow is made of some more of my leftover glazed batting, folded and hand stitched into a pillow shape, and the pillowcase sized to fit.

 It became obvious that the bed needed a handle so that Baby K can carry it around, so I covered a strip of thrift-store plastic canvas from my stash with the last length of floral stripes and then poked a hole in each end with my awl, making corresponding holes in the sides of the bed..  (A little FrayCheck takes care of any raveling.)  There is  a button on the inside and outside at each side of the bed, stitched together through the hole so that the handle can rotate.

The twin kittens look warm and cozy in their new bed!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrift Thursday--Little Wooden Chairs for the Grandkids

 A thrift store outing with Hubby last weekend yielded these three sturdy pine children's chairs, at $9.00 for the set-- they look as if they were hand made, and I love the simple style and wood finish.

Now I just need a little table for the play area downstairs. . .

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twin Kittens Scrap Project

I have been having an enjoyable time organizing and planning my projects for the new year!  In my sorting and arranging,  I came across a little Xeroxed pattern from my Mom's files, which I think she must have used for a bazaar project years ago--so I decided to try it out in her honor, and in honor of Baby K's second birthday this month.  And since I am doing the sewing, of course it had to be a scrap project!

I cut bodies for two little kittens from the pattern, using some 'tea dyed' muslin from my stash, and sewed all the way around each with a 1/8" seam.  After clipping all the curves and angles, I made a slash (about 1-1/2") vertically in their backs, turned and pressed them, and stitched across the base of the ears to keep them flat.  

I stuffed the kitties and sutured up their incisions.  Let me just say one more time how much I LOVE Morning Glory 'Cluster Stuff' craft stuffing!  The fibers are curly and springy, and fill stuffed spaces lightly and evenly with no effort at all!  I got mine at Walmart.  It's a must!

Even though there is no talent for painting in these hands of mine, but I did bravely paint on their little faces with acrylic paint according to the pattern, and made little whiskers with a super-fine Sharpie--this is far outside my comfort zone!

The fabrics for the kitties' tiny dresses also came into my fabric stash from my Mom's fabric stash, as well as the eyelet for their collars.  I hemmed the fabric rectangles, slashed the armholes and treated them with Fraycheck, and turned and hand gathered the top edges around the kittens' necks.  A stitched-on little bow finishes them off.

I'm afraid they look cold--maybe a little blanket. . .